Booster Juice COVID-19 Updates

Booster Juice is taking steps to protect our community from COVID-19. As the Circumstances change, any updates to our store policy or hours of operation will be shared with customers as the situation evolves. 

Last Updated April 3, 2020

What are we doing in stores to protect our Community

Booster Juice takes our Brand Promise to customers, employees, and the communities very seriously. We have implemented additional health and safety policies to help prevent cross contamination, cross contact contamination and the spread of potential illness at the store level. At all locations effective March 17, 2020: 

  • We will only be accepting Debit, Credit and Gift Card transactions (no cash payment) and after each non-tap transaction, the pin pad will be sanitized. Behind the counter order equipment will also be sanitized after each transaction (i.e. tablets).

  • Cash tip jars have been removed from stores until further notice. 

  • Cleaning checklists have been reworked to reflect COVID-19 recommended cleaning procedures as the situation and government recommendations continue to evolve. 

  • Staff will leave all products on the pass over bar for the customer to pick up. This will avoid unnecessary contact between our staff and customers.

  • Straw and napkins have been removed from the customer area. Staff will provide a straw and napkin to each customer with the order, removing the risk of public exposure.

  • Retail items are now display only; all merchandise will be kept behind the till until it is ordered.

  • In accordance with regional health guidelines, we are currently allowing a small number of customers in the store at any given time. We ask that customers maintain a minimum of a 6ft distance apart. If the store has reached its capacity, you may be asked to wait outside.

reduced Store hours 

All store hours of operation have been reduced  and some locations are closed until further notice. Locations in a mall, office tower, airport or shopping plaza will follow the hours of the property, please refer to their website for updated hours of operation before visiting a Booster Juice within another complex.  Booster Juice locations within a school campus are closed until next semester begins. For each store's hours or phone number, to place a pick-up order in advance, click here

Head Office POLICY for crew members in store

As employers, we continue to follow provincial labour laws and ensure our staff are treated with the respect and dignity that they truly deserve. We consider our Booster Juice crew members in store part of the Booster Juice family. By law, our crew members do not have to come work if they are uncomfortable during this time. We understand that when this crisis ends our most valuable resource is our people. There should be no repercussions to staff members for not wanting to risk infection. If they are in self-quarantine and cannot work, they can apply for EI with the one week waiting period waived to help them through this time. We have instructed our Franchise Partners to educate their staff on COVID-19 with accurate information to reduce the risk of transmission; and follow the rigorous cleaning standards head office has put in place to keep our customers, delivery drivers and the Booster Juice family safe. We are working hard to ensure these standards are upheld, and although we are unable to dictate how our Franchise Partners staff their store, we strongly encourage them to follow this procedure. 


All seating/tables will be removed from our stores and they will operate as a pick-up and delivery only system. Please do not linger in a store, simply order and take your order to go, or place an order through one of our third party delivery partners (Door Dash, Skip and Uber). 


Our stores uphold the highest sanitizing procedures as part of the Booster Juice brand promise every day, and this is one more step we can take to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID–19). We are still committed to encouraging the use of reusable cups and although we are temporarily pausing our enviromug refill policy, those who bring enviromugs in store will still receive the additional free booster with the purchase of a regular size (710 mL) smoothie if you have questions or concerns about this process, please contact


On March 16th Booster Juice and DoorDash announced their national partnership to ensure Canadian's have a safe and reliable delivery option available. DoorDash is actively working to help protect the health and safety of our community. Both Customers and Dashers can now request a contactless delivery and we encourage customers to share instructions for drop off at checkout in order to minimize contact.