Now that we have introduced Almond Milk and a line up of signature Protein Booster Balls into our menu, we do contain nut based products in store. We also receive some ingredients from manufacturing plants that handle other products containing nuts. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that throughout the production process, cross-contact did not occur before the product reached our stores. We would recommend any of our customers with severe nut allergies to alert our staff prior to ordering. 

Please see our Allergen Guide for further information.

Please contact nutrition@boosterjuice.com for further information on our vegan offerings!

Our granola does not have nuts in the listed ingredients, but it IS produced in a facility that uses nuts. Therefore we cannot guarantee that trace amounts of nuts are not in the product. 

Please see our Allergen Guide for further information.

We made the change from Soy Milk to Almond Milk as many of our customers were asking for Almond Milk as a non-dairy alternative. Both products are also a vegan substitute for people who do not consume dairy. Almond Milk overall is less starchy which means it contains less calories per serving than Soy Milk. Almond Milk has become a more popular and better choice for consumers as it contains just as many nutritional benefits as Soy Milk.

Non-dairy smoothies are located in the HARDCORE section of our menu. These smoothies contain fresh fruit juice and/or produce. Some of these smoothies may contain yogurt, which can be removed easily upon request. Additionally, any Super Food or Classics Smoothies can also be made without the yogurt, leaving them dairy free. Our High Protein and High Protein Super Food smoothies contain a Whey Protein, which is a dairy derivative. This may or may not be acceptable depending on the specifics of the dairy intolerance. Any smoothies containing vanilla frozen yogurt should be avoided.

Please see our Allergen Guide for further information.

If an individual is lactose intolerant they may have sensitivity to the Booster Juice Branded Whey Protein depending on the degree of their sensitivity. Booster Juice Branded Whey Protein does have 1 gram of lactose, a component of whey protein concentrate contained in the formulation.

(There is 1 gram per serving in our whey protein compared to a glass of milk that has 12-13 grams per serving).

**Please discuss the decision to incorporate Booster Juice Whey Protein with your physician**

The Booster Juice Whey Protein has in one serving: 21 grams of protein, 110 calories.

WPI has a greater concentration at 92-97% protein on a “dry basis”, where WPC has a concentration of 80-83% on a “dry basis”. Also, despite the composition differences of the macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat) that compose WPI to WPC, they are very much a complimentary unit when formulating a functional high protein supplement. WPI allows you to maximize protein yield and WPC contributes bio nutrient sub-fractions and a complete amino acid profile.

6 Major BioActive Sub-fractions of Whey Protein

  • Immunoglobins (Ig) - 3 major classes, they carry the biological function of antibodies supporting the immune system.
  • Alpha Lactalbumin (αLa) - Rich source of essential amino acids. High in Tryptophan and Cystein producing Seritonin and Glutathione.
  • Beta Lactoglobulin (βLg) - Is the major source of protein in bovine milk containing many bioactive peptides expressing many physiological functions.
  • Lactoferin (LF) - A Glycoprotein with many physiological functions and immune building properties.
  • Lactoperoxidase (LP) - Represents the most abundant enzyme in bovine milk with powerful immune support.
  • Glycomacropeptides (GMP) - Highly nutritional and functional, rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). Supports recovery, energy production, and satiety blocking cravings.

Booster Juice purchases all of its ingredients from approved, reputable suppliers. Our Whey Protein Powder is approved by Health Canada.

There is no one answer for this question, as there are so many differences in diabetic needs. The best thing to do is review the nutritional information under MENU on this website that has the detailed information on each and every smoothie and drink that we serve. You can then find a drink that suits your needs. A few suggestions to help you with your decision may be made: Try a snack size smoothie – especially a vegetable based one from the Hardcore category. Try a fresh juice. The veggie juices will be lower in sugar than the fruit ones.

For further nutritional information, please contact nutrition@boosterjuice.com

*Please consult your doctor to find out which smoothie is right for you*

The Booster Juice products that contain caffeine are: The Brazilian Thunder, High Impact Açaí, Matcha Monsoon, Mind Over Matcha, and Spinach Is In It.

Sugar occurs naturally in all fruits and juices. The source of added sugars in our smoothies comes from the sorbet- which can be easily removed upon request. We have also devoted the 'Hardcore' section of our menu to sorbet-free smoothies- we recommend these smoothies for those who are looking to lower their added sugar intake. Another alternative to reducing added sugar intake while still choosing a nutrient-dense option is to try one of our freshly-squeezed juices!

For further nutritional information, please contact nutrition@boosterjuice.com

Boosters can be thought of like Vitamins. They have 2 - 5 calories in each serving. The only exception to this our Super Boosters, which contain 20 - 110 calories per serving.

Several of our Boosters contain ingredients that are recommended for pregnant women, but not all herbals are suggested to be taken on a consistent basis when pregnant. For example, Ginseng and Gingko Biloba are not generally recommended while pregnant and these are found in our Energy Booster.

*Please consult your physican to find out what Booster Juice products are right for you*

Booster Juice’s Whey Protein Powder has one ingredient: Whey Protein Concentrate. Because protein needs vary when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you speak to a Registered Dietitian or your doctor to help determine the type and amount of protein that’s right for you.

 Almost every smoothie at Booster Juice contains 4-5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables. The Hardcore section of our menu offers smoothies that are rich in a variety of both fruits and vegetables. We also recommend trying one of our Freshly Squeezed Juices, as they are a fantastic source of vital nutrients!

At Booster Juice, we are very proud of the nutritional make-up of our smoothies. We have designed the recipes and the ingredients within our smoothies to be the very best, the very freshest, and the most wholesome that they can be. Let’s see how smoothies fit into one’s daily food intake:

First off, smoothies provide nutritious calories. Calories provide energy for the body and are necessary for daily life. Some drinks or foods provide only ‘empty calories’, usually with extremely high sugar and fat contents. Pop, candies, slurpies, chips and cheezies are a few examples of these. These foods don’t provide the nutritious building blocks for healthy activity and daily living. They don’t fill you up and often leave you craving more high sugar or fat snacks. Smoothies provide both your body and mind with the well-being of good nutrition. Let’s compare a few popular snacks with our smoothies, just to gain a little perspective.

  • Double Chocolate Cookie, 210 cals, 10 grams fat
  • Jelly Donut, one, 290 cals, 12 grams fat
  • Slurpee, 20 oz, 330 cals, 0 grams fat

Secondly, let’s look at the ‘big picture’. An active adult male may need as many as 3000 calories per day. An active adult female may need 1800 calories per day. (Generally, calories per day for a Moderate Activity level, which is 30 to 60 minutes of exercise 3 to 4 times a week, is 16-18 calories per pound of body weight – so a 140 lb moderately active woman may need 2240 calories daily.) It’s quite easy to fit in a 350 calorie smoothie just about anywhere. It can be part of a breakfast or a lunch replacement, maybe post-workout fuel or even a nutritious snack to hold you and the kids over till dinner when you’re rushing out to soccer practice.

Açai has some naturally occurring sugar in the berry and we add a pinch of Organic Cane Sugar to bring out the flavour. Açai has 25% less sugar than Apple Juice and is very Nutrient Dense. The Glycemic Index is Low because of a balanced nutrition profile, including proteins, natural fats, and carbohydrates.

Our Açai has 24mg of naturally occurring caffeine from the Guarana (a seed that grows in the Amazon). The caffeine is equivalent to Iced Tea. In comparison: Snapple Iced Tea (48mg), Soda (30-60mg), Coffee (60-120mg) 8oz Green Tea (30mg).

The Açai berry contains Omega 3, 6, & 9 Fatty Acids – the 'good for you' fats. These are the same fats that are found in Salmon, Cod Liver Oil, Olive Oil and Nuts.

No! Açai grows on the Açai Palm Tree…the same tree they cut down for “Heart of Palm.” Locals make more money harvesting the Açai fruit year after year rather than cutting down their trees for “Heart of Palm” which puts more money in their pocket and helps save the Rainforest. Only cash to the locals will help save the trees.

Our Açai is “Certified Organic” by Quality Assurance International. It is also “Certified Organic” in the United States by the USDA.

Matcha is the oldest variety of shade-grown Japanese green tea, traditionally used in Zen Buddhist ceremonies for over 800 years. Ground into a fine, jade-green powder using granite grinding wheels, Matcha is whisked with water to create a unique, beautiful and richly flavorful drink.

Matcha Green Tea is grown in the Nishio Region in Japan. 

1 cup of Matcha Green Tea has 10-15 times the nutrients of Regular Green Tea.

Regular green tea is steeped, and when you steep tea you looke %80-90 of the nutrients in it. That's because most of the vitamins in tea are not water soluble. But with Matcha Green Tea, the tea leaves are ground up and consumed as a whole. Therefore you get all the nutritional benefits Matcha has to offer!

Matcha Green Tea is organic and certified by CFIA, USDA and European Union.

Matcha Green Tea contains the highest antioxidant (ORAC) count compared to all known fruits and vegetables. On a per gram basis, Matcha Green Tea is the most powerful antioxidant in the world!

There are only 4 calories in each serving of Matcha Green Tea.

1 Gram = 1 Serving

Yes the Matcha is the same. This is our proprietary blend of Matcha Green Tea.

Wheatgrass was first introduced by Ann Wigmore over 40 years ago. By pressing and squeezing the tender young blades of the wheat plant, a dark green juice is extracted which is a great source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and chlorophyll. During the germination and sprouting phase of the young wheatgrass, the stored food in the wheat berry is converted into predigested living food.

In theory, to get the most from vitamins and minerals, a person’s total intake should come in a form that is as close to a natural state as possible. Wheatgrass is a living food at the time of juicing and for a period of 10 to 15 minutes after harvest. Wheatgrass juice is high in Vitamin C, A, B, and E. This green juice has over 90 minerals which are needed to maintain good metabolism. The presence of these alkaline minerals are found in wheatgrass which contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, a mineral essential for transporting oxygen to the lungs. Organic sodium is also found aiding in digestion and regulation of the amount of fluids in the body.

At Booster Juice, we place your health as our #1 priority. Allergens are a serious issue, therefore at Booster Juice we take the following steps to ensure that no cross-contact occurs between our products. A full wash, rinse and sanitize cycle is done for all utensils and blender jars after each use. We also have 2 different colour blender jars in our stores used to blend smoothies. Our clear jars are used for the majority of our smoothies, while our purple tinted jars are used specifically for almond milk smoothies. By separating the jars that are used to make our smoothies, we can ensure that customers who may have a nut allergy can be confident that their smoothie was made in a nut free blender jar.

No- our Frozen Vanilla Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, and Probiotic Yogurt are all gelatin free.

At Booster Juice, we purchase all of our ingredients from government approved, reputable suppliers. Health Canada regulations require milk to be pasteurized and this includes milk that is used for yogurt. Therefore at Booster Juice our milk products including protein powder, frozen yogurt and sorbet are pasteurized. Booster Juice Almond and Coconut Milks are also pasteurized.

Cider and fruit juices are not required by law to be pasteurized, and our fresh juices are not pasteurized.

If you have further questions, please contact nutrition@boosterjuice.com

Sulphites are substances that are naturally found in some foods and the human body. They are also Health Canada approved food additives to help maintain food colour, shelf-life and prevent the growth of fungi or bacteria. Sulphites are also used in the production of some food packaging like cellophane.

For the majority of people sulphites are safe to eat, however, some sulphite-sensitive people may react to sulphites with allergy-like symptoms. Sulphites can trigger asthma and, in very rare cases, anaphylaxis.

In Canada, sulphites must be listed on packaged food labels (except for alcohol). The package ingredient list will say “contains: sulphites” if it contains this ingredient. 

Sulphites are safe for most people. If you have a sulphite sensitivity, carefully read the ingredient list of packaged food products and ask the server in a restaurant every time to avoid a sulphite-related reaction. We recommend any of our customers with allergies to alert our staff prior to ordering. If you have more questions about a sulphite-free diet, contact your doctor or Registered Dietitian.

Please visit our Allergen Guide for further information

Yes! We offer substitutions of any fruit for free. You will only be charged if you add additional fruit.

Please see our Allergen Guide for further information.

If you have further questions, please contact nutrition@boosterjuice.com

  • Size depends on store architecture (traditionally 650 to 1,100 sq. ft.)
  • End-cap preferred - high-visibility, easy accessibility
  • Eight or more parking spaces preferred with easy access to store entrance
  • At least two signage locations outside/around the store are preferred
  • Open, glass store front preferred
  • National or strong local brand tenant mix
  • Overnight residential population greater than 12,000 with female skew
  • Daytime (workplace) population greater than 5,000
  • Family size greater than 3
  • Secondary education greater than 33%
  • Home ownership greater than 74%
  • Above average median household income
  • 1,000,000 sq. ft. of office space or more within walking distance for primary demographic
  • If you have a question, please contact franchising@boosterjuice.com for more information.

Once a franchise applicant is screened for compatibility with a specific Booster Juice location, we will disclose, in detail, the store opportunity and the process for proceeding. Depending on your proximity to Booster Juice Headquarters, you may be invited to a discovery day to meet with senior executives and learn more about the Booster Juice franchise opportunity. To finalize the application process, we'll conduct a complete background and reference check. Upon approval of your application and location selected, you and Booster Juice will sign a disclosure and franchise agreement. If you do not have a site selected by this time, the agreement will contain a condition for securing a mutually agreeable location. Should a location not be immediately available, the document process will be completed once the site, design and lease has been negotiated. Before you begin the application process, you will need to establish a user account using your email address. This will allow you to save your application and check back on the status of your application once it's been submitted to Booster Juice. Once your account has been created, you will be sent an automatic email to verify your account. Once verified, you will be able to log in and fill out the application. For more information email franchising@boosterjuice.com.